Anthem Productions innovation, creativity, attention to detail, and on-site customer service in every installation are simply unmatched in our industry. We work with the highest-end designers, operators, architects and builders throughout the world. This enables us to take your project from its conception and early-design stages, through the total transformation of an existing space, to an unforgettable installation that will amaze, astonish, and astound.

Key to these results, our audio and visual engineers believe that a system should perform equally well under every demand whether a small restaurant system that morphs into an exciting club, or a larger scale system that sounds superb at both low-level playback and full-power output.

We understand that it can be difficult to visualize a final system design. With that said, we provide AutoCAD drawings and 3D imaging so that clients can visualize their system’s appearance in its real-world environment before construction begins. We can also provide system plotting so that clients can visualize the impact of sound, lighting, and effects on each area of the venue.

Anthem Productions understands that room acoustics and sound isolation play critical roles in every sound system design. Accordingly, we incorporate the latest technologies and methods to ensure an uncompromising customer experience.

State-of-the-art training is foremost at Anthem. We provide well trained technicians and programmers to operate all systems around-the-clock. We also provide staff training so that each venue can safely operate all audio and visual systems.

At Anthem Productions, we have had the same philosophy since our inception; partnerships and lifelong relationships are paramount.

  • Custom Designed Speaker Systems
  • Sound Proofing and Sound Isolation
  • DJ/Video/Lighting Consoles
  • Custom Intelligent Lighting Systems
  • TV’s & Projectors
  • Custom Hydraulic Motorization
  • Low Voltage Networking & Surveillance Systems
  • Touch Screen Automation
  • Intelligent Control Systems